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Advisory and Advocacy

Excess heat is an acute and growing threat to the economy and organizations of all kinds. Together, we can reduce this global risk.

Whether it is increased operational cost, lost productivity, regulatory pressure, or reputational implications, rising global temperatures pose complex risks to private business, NGOs, and the public sector.

We offer a groundbreaking approach to address this risk. We will help you determine your organization and/or facilities’ specific heat risk profile and formulate tailored strategies to reduce your exposure, save money and make progress on your climate objectives.

Let us partner with you for an efficient and effective transition. We know that together, we can go faster.

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How we can support you

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    Planning and project design
    We work with businesses, NGOs, and all levels of government to develop tailored climate mitigation plans. Working with your team, we determine what works best for your organization, so you can help reduce near-term heat and maximize your impact for each dollar spent.

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    Heat impact assessments
    Whether it is infrastructure, facilities, or capital equipment, each major investment has its own heat impact. Our forecasts combine emissions cuts, heat reductions, and health and environmental co-benefits, to help you make the most climate-smart choices.

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    The science of radiative forcing and near-term heat reduction is a novel approach to climate mitigation and risk management. We’ve been at it for more than ten years and will bring you up to speed quickly.

  • Raising awareness
    We are global advocates for building a bridge to the long-term goal of global decarbonization by targeting and reducing the most potent atmospheric heat drivers over the crucial next decade. Let’s join forces.

Let’s partner up

We are here to help you accelerate climate ambitions. To learn more, reach out today.